An extraordinary American

An extraordinary American

John Parker, born a slave in Norfolk Virginia, sold at the age of eight to a doctor in Mobile Alabama, and by 18 managed to buy his freedom and embark on an arduous journey north to settle in Ripley Ohio. After becoming a legend for his daring work as a conductor on the underground railroad, Parker shared the harrowing stories of failed escapes, his path to freedom and his gutsy heroism in leading fugitive slaves across the Ohio River. “How I hated slavery as it fettered me, and beat me, and baffled my desires, but in the end that unknown ancestor of mine gave me the will and the courage to conquer or die.”


Peter Huston and William Turpie, Producers


Produced in association with

                       The John P. Parker Historical Society                                             


                       MediaDesign Newssource                                                                                       

                       WGTE, PBS Toledo Ohio                                                                                               


Editorial Fomovideo

Director of Photography Bruce Lundeen

John Parker portrayed by Anthony Gibbs (Documentary Overview)


One of the first reviews of ‘His Promised Land’

said usually we need to invent our American Heroes, 

you don’t have to with Parker” 

Betty Campbell, John Parker Historian


                       His Promised Land © 1996 John Parker Historical Society, Image

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